gForce Armband

gForce 100 Armband is a smart wearable Human Interface Device for gesture recognition. It recognizes gestures according to the sEMG signals of human forearms, and as well as calculates orientation data in quaternions or Euler Angles from its built-in 6-axis IMU and tri-axis magnetometer.


The User Guide provides more detailed information than the Manual.

Provides guide of using gForce 100 in embedded devices such as robots and prosthetics.

The specification of gForce Data Protocol defines the details of gForce interacting with host computers of PC, AR and VR.

Provides more information about using EMG raw data.

Open Source Software


The SDK for Windows and Android with Unity support.

The hub application for other applications to interact with gForce. It also provides utilities for users setting, firmware upgrading and diagnosing gForce. Released APK is open for downloading.

gForce Neuron


Open Source Software

Provides some basic filter functions for sEMG digital signals.

Video tutorials