gForce 100 Armband User Guide

July 6th, 2017


gForce 100 Armband is a smart wearable Human Interface Device for gesture recognition. It recognizes gestures according to the sEMG signals of human forearms, and as well as calculates orientation data in quaternions or Euler Angles from its built-in 9-axis IMU.

Comparing with the other gesture recognition devices that are based on the computer vision technology, gForce Armband has the advantage of no dependency of embient light, no strictness with angle, much lower energy and much lower cost.


Turning on/off


If gForce 100 Armband is not in use, please turn it off. Right now the auto-low-power mode is not implemented yet.


gForce 100 Armband is equipped with Li-ion battery (200mAh). The USB port on the main block is used for battery re-charging.

During re-charging, the red light LED on the main block is on. Re-charging will maximally take 2 hours, and after re-charging completes, the red light LED is turned off.


gForce 100 Armband is NOT designed to work during re-charging, as this brings in electrical noise which contaminates the weak EMG biometric signals.

Other Status Indication

Instructions to Wearing and Performing Gestures

To make sure gForce armband can recognize your gestures, please refer to Guide to Performing Gestures and spend several minutes learning and training yourself. The recognition rate can reach 95% and even higher after you get familiar with performing the gestures properly.

Predefined Gestures

The six predefined gestures are: Fist Spread Fingers Wave In Wave Out Pinch Shoot


When both your arm and hand are at a rest state, it will be recognized as a 'Relax' gesture.